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About Us

Nowadays, we cannot live without smartphone and computers. Lots of Apps and program help people solve problems in more efficient way. Programming Skill is really useful to our future. We hope to bring more value and contribution to the society through learning programs.

JBPC is a newly established learning platform in Johor Bahru specialized in Web Programming, Programming and IT related courses. We keep commit ourselves to constant improvement and share those practical experiences we have gained to people who are interested. We are now focusing on web programming and development by using PHP, HTML, CSS, JS. It's doesn't matter who you are, i.e. students, working adults, housewives, or someone who planning to start up online business, as long as you are interested in programming, come and join us! We ensure that all the courses planned will significantly helpful for you and benefit for your future career planning.

Feel bored with too many theories? Looking forward to get in touch with real web progamming development? This course is for you!

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Having Basic Programming Skills

Already having the Basic Skills

Enhance PHP Skills

Want to know more about PHP framework

Learn about Best Practice

Want to create a modern, highly efficient and safety Web Application

Want to Develop Large System

Want to develop a company system


Practical professional experience Our tutor has over 10 years of programming development experience. He will share the best practice in programming to you.
Beginner Friendly Make it easier for you to get started with the easy-to-understand, fun and interesting way.
Real Life Pratical With real examples for students to implement, eliminating the lengthy theoretical courses.
Assignment After each class, there are homework assignments. The tutor will do the marking personally.


1. Can beginners enroll?
Yes. Our initial goal is to make it easy for people who do not know writing programs and get started. We provide offline Q and A channel, so you can keep asking questions with the fastest way to learn this knowledge.
2. What is the differences between this class and other programming classes?
We are very focus on practical skill, so we will only teach those skills useful in your job. Since the instructor has many years of practical experience in programming development, so you can save a lot of costly mistakes, and directly get this knowledge from the right channel.
3. What to prepare before class?
We hope that you can first think about what you want to solve with a program, and bring your problem to class. It will be very helpful for you to integrate into the course. Of course, please bring your own notebook computer (Windows or MAC)
4. Course Dates?
To Be Announced
5. Language use of Instruction?
The course will be mainly taught in Chinese language. If there are students unfamiliar with Chinese, the teaching will be mixed with English to ensure every student can understand accordingly.
6. Tuition Fees?
This type of programming class fees in Malaysia are usually above RM3000 ,Now we are given out the offers ,5-days advanced course now only RM2000
7. Syllabus?
This course is divided into five days, the following syllabus is tentative, the organizer reserves the right to change.
1st Day:
1. Code Management - Basic Github tutorial
2. PHPOOP (Object Oriented Programming)
3. MySQL skill enhancement (JOIN, WHERE IN, GROUP BY, normalizing data, etc)

2nd Day:
1. Design Pattern - Model View Controller (MVC)
2. Codeigniter 3.X Tutorial - Understanding CI3 build project instantly

3rd Day:
1. PHP Unit Test - Test your project
2. Google Chart - Use interactive chart in your project
3. Implementation of Facebook Login and Google Login
4. Build your own API - Implementation of Web services (JSON, XML)

4th Day:
1. Project Deployment on Server
2. What SEO technique can be used in our project?
3. Useful Algorithms in live projects
4. Performance Tuning
5. Security (XSS Attack, SQL Injection, Password Storage, etc)

5th Day:
1. Register your own Domain
2. Create your own Cloud Server by AWS EC2
3. Deploy your code on EC2
4. Install SSL on your server
8. HRDF Claimable?
Glad to tell you that we are HRDF registered Training Provider, our courses are HRDF claimable under SBL Scheme


田士鋒 Jason Tian
Master of Computer Engineering

Learned website design since 14 years old, took part in high school website design contest in 15 years old and won the champion of flash animation contest and website design contest in 18 years old. Expert in interdisciplinary learning, won the Bachelor degree of Biochemical Science Technology in 2009 but decided to continue Master degree in Computer Engineering 2011, published some articles related to bioinformatics. He started a web development company with friends in Taiwan and gained a lot of experiences in developing ERP, Application System, Auction System, Reservation System, Mobile Apps, CRM, Accounting System, E-commerce System. He was also the founder of Joswo which is a social marketing platform that attract 40k member to register in the very first 3 days. He won the first prize of Programming contest organized by Amazon AWS CloudKata in 2011 by complete a photo gallery application with the most functions in one hour. He also took part in startups, cofounder of 920 in Taiwan (300+ vendors) and Consignment Project (1300+ consignees) in Malaysia.

Expert in web application development,mainly on PHP, and MySQL, HTML5+CSS3 and JavaScript. Favorite framework: bootstrap, codeigniter, ionicframework. Have experience in AWS, GAE. Develop hybrid web app by Cordova. Never stop learning and Growth Hack is his current learning subject.

Published Bioinformatics related articles:

A. Metabolomic characterization of laborers exposed to welding fumes

B. 3Omics: a web-based systems biology tool for analysis, integration and visualization of human transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic data

2003 FY high school Flash animation and website design champion
2008 Founder of ITEA TECHNOLOGY
2009 Graduated Bachelor Degree of Biochemical Science Technology
2010 CTO of Miiroad Incorporation
2011 Graduated Master Degree of Computer Science
2013 First prize of AWS cloudkata Taiwan Region
2014 Third prize of Startup weekend #10 in Taiwan
2015 Co-Founder of Consignment Project and 920 App


Our Classroom located at
6, Jalan Ekoperniagaan 2/2, Taman Ekoperniagaan, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

019-7309619 Mr. Lee Yih Jiang

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