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About This Workshop

The Internet of Things is already a common phenomenon in modern times; however, do you understand the underlying principle? The experience class of IoT course developed by JBPC is designed for beginners. You neither need to have a basic knowledge of electronics nor a background in electrical engineering. After attending the experience class, you will be able to design a 'Smart Fan' which can be connected to the internet. The smart fan can automatically sense the surrounding temperature, and turn on/off according to the temperature. You can put the device in the pet's house, or you can install it on the bed where the baby is sleeping. Furthermore, you can simply put it on your own desk to enjoy a cool afternoon.

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Understanding iOT

The beginning path of iOT

Improve your technology skill

iOT will be helpful in your life career

Short Class

Happy Learning, 1 day to know the concept


Practical Approach We understand that theories alone won't suffice. Our emphasis on hands-on, real web programming development ensures that you gain invaluable experience and build the confidence to tackle real-world challenges.
Inclusive Learning Environment At JBPC, diversity is our strength. Our doors are open to all who harbor an interest in programming. You don't need a technical background – just a passion for learning and a desire to excel in the world of technology.
Career-Focused Curriculum Your future is important to us. Our courses are designed with your career planning in mind, equipping you with in-demand skills sought by employers in the dynamic job market.
Bring your works home We can help student to buy the material, so student can bring their works home after course


1. Can beginners enroll?
Yes. Our initial goal is to make it easy for people who do not know writing programs and get started. We provide offline Q and A channel, so you can keep asking questions with the fastest way to learn this knowledge.
2. What's the main difference with other classes?
We focus on giving a conceptual course of iOT to student with zero knowledge, once they finish this workshop, they will gain interest in iOT and learn more about it
3. Any preparation before the class?
Please choose package A or B before apply the class。Bring your own laptop (Windows better)
4. Course Dates?
Our course is a 6 hours workshop, finish in 1 day.
We are currently open to register students, please select your ideal time at the following registration button and we will notify you once the time is comfirmed.
5. Language use of Instruction?
The course will be mainly taught in Chinese language. If there are students unfamiliar with Chinese, the teaching will be mixed with English to ensure every student can understand accordingly.
6. Fee
Original RM299, limited time offer for free
7. Course Schedule
First Session
Content A : The Gateway : Raspberry Pi (R-Pi)
  • System Introduction; Introduction to Raspberry Pi; Basic Internet Settings
  • Remotely Entering R-Pi
  • Simple Monitoring Dashboard Design
Content B: The Most Common Hardware Communication Protocol: Modbus
  • Introduction to Modbus Protocol
  • Understanding the Basic Read/Write Commands using R-Pi
  • Practical: Communication and Electrical Wiring
  • Practical: Relay Control Using Modbus Protocol
  • Practical: Temperature Sensor Reading Using Modbus Protocol
Second Session
Content A: Integration of All Devices and Wiring
  • Practical: Complete The Demo Kit Wiring
Content B: Simple Code Writing For Real-time Equipment Monitoring
  • Understanding Basic JavaScript Programming
  • Automation Programming For The Control of the Fan
  • Demo Kit Testing: Will The Fan Turn On/Off Automatically?
8. HRDF Claimable?
Glad to tell you that we are HRDF registered Training Provider, our courses are HRDF claimable under SBL Scheme


Zi Wei Cheo
Master in Electrical Engineering

I studied solar photovoltaic system in the university and started to do research on smart grid communication during my master's program. I have therefore acquired practical experiences on IoT system. In 2015 I represented Taiwan to visit VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to set up a smart home demostration site. I also helped a Taiwanese Company Tatung to integrate their smart appliances into the European market. In 2016 and 2017, I was a R&D engineer in Acmepoint Energy Services, Taiwan. I helped the company to acquire solar generation data of more than 30MW solar system in real time and send to the center server. This helped the O&M team to do maintenance easily using the online platform.

I specialized in IoT monitoring development. I specialized in using C# and JavaScript programming languages. The commmonly used protocol is Modbus TCP/RTU while the commonly used gateway runs either Windows OS or Raspbian OS.

Related Publication: Smart Home/Building Energy Management System for Future Smart Grid Architecture with Automated Demand Response Applications


  • 2016 Graduated from the National Cheng Kung University, Master in Electrical Engineering
  • 2016~2017 R&D engineer in Acmepoint Energy Services, Taiwan
  • Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), registered graduate engineer, major in Energy. Registration No.: GE91133A
  • SEDA Malaysia Grid Connected Photovoltaic (GCPV) System Designe: Competent Person. Certificate No.: SPCPNN00306


Our Classroom located at
6, Jalan Ekoperniagaan 2/2, Taman Ekoperniagaan, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

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019-7309619 Mr. Lee Yih Jiang

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